Old Home Remedies For Warts

Warts can appear singly or they can develop in clusters and vary in size. Although quite harmless, they are revolting and it is only natural that people would want to heal themselves of these as quickly as possible. Warts do not necessarily cause any soreness or itching, but are basically a nuisance and unsightly.

The usual wart can be located just about anywhere on the body. Most usually however they will show up on the hands and fingers, but also on elbows and forearms, knees and even your face. Usually, they develop on skin that is exposed to a regular amount of friction.

You also need to be careful if you do have warts that you don’t pick them, bite them or scratch them. This can have the effect of causing the warts to multiply quite dramatically. Warts that have been picked on the hands can extend to the face through touching, so care is most definitely needed in managing them. Warts that occur on the face can be particular issue for men as they can multiply as a result of shaving.

There are several old home remedies that can be used on warts and so you can avoid the expense of commercial applications. One of these is aloe vera, a commonly available plant where you can apply the juice of the plant directly onto the warts. This will dissolve the warts and help tone up the skin.

Another option is milkweed, which is quite a familiar plant. The method of application for this is to use the fresh milky sap enclosed in the leaves and the stem and apply to the warts directly. This can have amazing effects and is non irritating. As with all ailments, some folks have a tendency to be more prone to warts than others. A valuable method of assisting in the control of warts is to boost the amount of sulfur-containing amino acids in your diet. You can do this by consuming more asparagus, citrus fruits, eggs, garlic, and onions.

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